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Looked like Ukrainian women in national costumes 100 years ago. Photo

The peculiarities of Ukrainian national clothes depend on the regions.The basic elements of Ukrainian folk costume was formed in the times of princes and virtually unchanged since then.The peculiarities of Ukrainian national clothes depend on the regions.Volyn region, Podolia, Polesie, Pokuttia, Hutsulshchyna, Boikivshchina, Lemkivschyna,...

Called a simple product that protects against heart attack

The participants were divided into two groups. The presence of cheese in the diet boosts the body's defenses against heart attack. The chance of heart attack in this case is reduced by 14%. To such conclusion scientists from the University of reading (UK). The...

Volkswagen unveiled a concept pickup truck Tarok

The premiere took place in new York.At the new York auto show Volkswagen has brought the concept of the new truck Tarok. By the standards of the USA car is very small. However, from the reaction of us buyers and will depend on,...