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In Instagram summed up in 2018. Photo

What was popular this year.Instagram has summed up the results of 2018 and was named the most popular stickers, hashtags, and communities.The most popular sticker in the "Stories" was the heart, and the most popular filter - eye-heart. The Emoji with the heart are...

In China, said that to tackle corruption

The country passed reform. In China the process of reform and opening-up policy was able to achieve a decisive victory over corruption, said the Chinese President, XI Jinping."In the process of party building, showing a tough approach to compliance with party discipline, zero tolerance...

Lincoln Continental got a limited special model

Auto called Coach 80th Anniversary Edition DoorLuxury sedan Lincoln Continental got a limited special model, which received a "speaking" name "80th Anniversary Edition Coach Door", Novelty, whose release is timed to the 80th anniversary of the model, I plan to bring to the American...