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Charlize Theron spoke about transgender foster son

The actress explained why she believes the boy's daughter.Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, who recently was named first adopted son Jackson daughter now for the first time explained why he considers him a girl. 43-year-old star sincerely believes that Jackson is the same girl...

Famous Australian lake with pink water. Photo

Water is painted in a bright color because of the salt and seaweed.Salt lake in Westgate Park (Westgate Park) in Melbourne became Insta-sensation after the water is a beautiful shade of pink.This amazing natural phenomenon occurs every year due to the high concentration...

The doctors called the minimum recommended amount of daily exercise

It is very important not to ignore this kind of physical activity.In order to see some results on your own waist, you need to walk 30 to 90 minutes a day.Walking is one of the most enjoyable varieties of physical exercise. And even...