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What kind of health problems can tell the color of the language

In a healthy person the language has a light red color and it always slightly humid. If it starts to change its color, it indicates health problems.When a low hemoglobin level, he becomes pale.Bluish hue says about diseases of the cardiovascular system.If the language...

American experts have called the car with the best interior

First place went to car cost from 276 thousand dollars.The American edition Ward's Auto has made an annual rating of best car showrooms among, which turned out to be sverhsrochnoy Bentley Continental GT coupe and the budget crossover Nissan Kicks.According to 8 editors...

In Mexico, gunmen attacked a bar: 13 victims

Seven men, 5 women and a child were killed.In an armed assault that occurred in the Mexican city of Minatitlan, killing at least 13 people.As reported, an armed group staged an attack on a bar in the town of Minatitlan, on the coast of...