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In the US, the nanny threw a year-old child at someone else’s door

Why the woman did so is unknown.American Montgomery County, Texas, a woman threw a two year old child foster care under the door and ran away. The act was recorded by surveillance cameras, reports The Sun.The video shows as the woman drags the child...

Ulefone Armor 3 smartphone with advanced protection from water

Many smartphones in 2018 have a good protection against water according to the IP68 standard and is a very good indicator. But presented today Ulefone Armor 3 is protected from contact with its body fluid and dust on the new standard IP69K, and it's...

Named one of the most beneficial fruits to strengthen teeth

Scientists have named the product that will protect against cavities.The natural compound found in grapes, can strengthen the teeth and increase the strength of fillings, and protecting teeth from decay. This is the conclusion the study came experts from the University of Illinois.As...