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Scientists have identified the powers of the “fluff” of a dandelion

The structure of dandelion seeds more efficient devices invented by man.Scientists many things peeking from nature, on what basis then are born to genius, for example, "air" design towers and bridges, heavy-duty thread "spider network", and so on.More recently, researchers at the University...

Ada Rogovtseva was born the great-grandson

The actress first became a great-grandmother.Actress Ada Rogovtseva for the first time became the great-grandmother. Little great-grandson, 81-year-old star of film and theater gave the grandson Alexey Stepankov.The boy was "family" called Constantine. In addition, the family announced on his page in Facebook...

The Ukrainian army received an unusual all-terrain vehicles

The vehicles have high traffic.Ninety-third mechanized brigade "the Cold Yar" got ATVs UTV, who are armed launchers ATGM "Stugna"."The main advantage of the UTV is a high throughput and the ability to quickly move anti-tank systems anywhere in absolute road. The machine is...