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Vivid pictures of the Spanish festival of “human towers”. Photo

It's entertainment is the traditional Spanish.Spectacular tradition attracts thousands of spectators from across the country. 42 teams gathered recently in the Spanish city of Tarragona to compete in Kastela construction of towers from people.The ancient Catalan tradition dates back to ritual dances. It...

Dentists called the main tips for maintaining healthy teeth

These recommendations will help keep a white smile.The health of our teeth and oral cavity depends not only on the correct selection of toothpaste, but also from what we eat. Dentists called the 5 rules of nutrition that will help to maintain a...

On one of the rivers in China suddenly formed a whirlpool

The surface of the water covered with white foam.Unexplained vortex suddenly appeared last week on the surface the Chinese river Cantani. According to eyewitnesses of the incident, a strange funnel formed almost overnight, the water bubbled and was covered with foam. Characteristically, no...