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In the United States have discovered a giant armored dinosaur

A previously unknown species of dinosaur-Armadillo that lived 76 million years ago, found in Utah.Paleontologists excavated in National forest, Utah and found the skeleton of a new species of dinosaur. 76 fossils Dating millions of years old and refers to an ancient armored reptiles.New...

China was hit by Typhoon: emergency evacuation

In the North-Western part of China night there were heavy rains with thunderstorm. Due to bad weather conditions formed landslides, at the request of the government has already evacuated two thousand people.For a short period of time in some regions of the state dropped...

Subaru in honor of the anniversary will release a limited edition sedans

Japanese car brand Subaru in honor of the 30th anniversary of its sports division STI will release a limited edition sedans the WRX STI Type RA-R, the circulation of which is limited.Exclusive version of these cars, which will appear with a circulation of 500...