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Potap showed a funny photo with his son

Father and son spend time together.Despite his busy schedule as a singer, producer and the star coach talent show, Potap don't forget to spend time with his son.The rapper is very proud of his heir and tries to devote most of their attention.This time...

A published rating of a car-centenarians

The leader in endurance was the Toyota Camry.Ten most reliable vehicles includes pickups, minivans and SUVs. All these machines could not only overcome distance, but it does not bring significant problems to their owners.A complete list of cars-leaders with mileage: - Toyota Camry -...

Unveiled the first electric vehicle Seat

The novelty will be able to travel without recharging the battery up to 500 kilometers.The novelty will be built on the platform of the MEB from Volkswagen. The electric car will be a city hatchback, the forerunner of which was shown in February last...