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The photographer shot the dramatic fight of a Buffalo and a lioness. Photo

A hungry lioness was left with nothing. The relationship between the wildlife can be quite dramatic and even violent.In this on own experience 54-year-old vet Ben Krenke who, in her spare time photographing wild animals.A series of photographs, taken in Botswana, shows how a...

Doctors told who is bad to eat bananas

Excessive consumption of bananas leads to increased blood sugar levels.Bananas have many beneficial properties, but at the same time they can cause sickness and even give start to the development of dangerous diseases.So scientists have found that bananas have a large number of useful...

Named the most popular sports cars

Most original models.Compiled the top 5 most popular sports cars. The listed models are the most original.In the first three was the JAGUAR XJR15, ZENDER VISION and DAUER 962. The first model is distinguished by its uniqueness, the number of such vehicles is only...