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Ani Lorak had a rest with friends on the river

"I Love Kiev! Love my friends!" signed pictures of the singer.Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which for the last few years living and working in Russia, boasted relaxing at home with friends.Thus on his page on Instagram, the actress confessed that she loves the...

Scientists found a link between body weight and mental ability

A new study has confirmed the well-known hypothesis.Recently, the American experts said that people with obesity are less intelligent than people with weight in the normal range.To come to such conclusions scientists helped study in which overweight people were tested the number of...

The abrupt collapse of the Iranian currency has sparked protests in the country

People are not satisfied with the situation in the economy of Iran.In the Iranian capital Tehran began massive protests - people require government to strengthen the domestic market. All this happens against the background of devaluation of the Iranian Rial against the dollar.The...