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Bella Hadid photographed in a modest way

The model walked around new York.Supermodel Bella Hadid often chooses sneakers instead of sneakers and elegant shoes.However, it can be understood - the star of many businesses, training and filming, so these shoes are the most convenient for getting around the city.So, on...

Scientists have created a robot from the remains of a dinosaur

A copy of the bones found recreated on a 3D printer.The journal "Nature" published the results of the work of scientists from Germany and Sweden. The experts were able to create a robot based on an ancient skeleton of a creature that lived...

How to look like a traditional home in Scandinavia. Photo

These small houses are distinguished by the vegetation on the roof.The Scandinavians are very serious about their green roofs. This tradition, in Scandinavia there is a long time and, it seems, is not going to die.They even every year is a competition to...