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These rules of etiquette surprise visitors in different countries. Photo

It is important to know traditions of other countries. Rules of conduct and etiquette is quite complicated science, if not more. One thing to know what fork is for salad, and quite another - both using the same plug as not to cause a...

The EU will discuss the mitigation of anti-Russian sanctions

Sanctions will be extended in December.The question of easing sanctions on Russia intends to raise Italy. However, it is expected that sanctions will be extended in December.At the European Council meeting in October, Italy will raise the issue of easing sanctions against Russia. On...

Experiences increase the risk of sports injuries

The study was conducted on elite athletes in Sweden.Professional athletes, who at one time experienced sexual or physical violence are at greater risk of injury associated with the sport.Scientists from the Research center of athletics at the University of linköping (Athletics Research Center at...