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Colombian ambassador resigns after drug lab was found

The Colombian ambassador to Uruguay resigned after a drug lab was found on his estate. Fernando Sanclemente filed his resignation, according to Colombian media, because the authorities directly linked him to the criminal activities. At least five people have been arrested. Police found the drug...

Firefox got urgent security patches

Mozilla released a security update for two serious vulnerabilities in Firefox that were actively attacked before the update was available. In the worst case, an attacker could gain full control of the system through the two zero-day leaks. Just visiting a malicious or compromised website...

Ryanair refuses to specify their forecast for 2020, lost on unlucky hedging agreement

Irish Ryanair airline has faced a cost of € 300 million in the recently closed financial year as a result of previous agreements on aviation fuel. Due to the corona crisis and the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, the oil price has...