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The Apple iPhone 8 have shown remarkable strength

Apple started selling the iPhone 8, which was announced less than two weeks ago, and he fell into the hands of various bloggers. Someone immediately took it apart, putting it a certain rating on a scale of maintainability, and someone who appreciated his strength,...

Razer has hinted at the development of mobile games gadget

Razer, whose primary business is the production of computer accessories with a focus on gamers, going to try himself in the field of gaming for mobile gadgets. Previously, it was only just a rumor, but now received official confirmation from Razer is really on...

Down with stereotypes: the look of the fashionistas in different countries. Photo

Fashionable images with a local flavor. Certainly, going on a trip, you have some idea architecture, gastronomic peculiarities and the people you will meet. But how often your stereotypes let you down?We began to wonder, how does the street fashion in 12 different countries,...