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Health Minister: re-criminalizing cannabis is not an option

Thai lawmakers last week forced the repeal of a bill to regulate wider use of cannabis because the proposed legislation did not contain enough provisions to prevent abuse for recreational purposes. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted 198 to 136 to repeal the...

How do I learn crypto trading?

The basis of trading is the ability to correctly analyze the situation and understand where to direct your funds. Briefly, everything looks simple: determine a suitable coin, set goals for fixing profits in cases of their achievement, and start work. There are many options...

Singapore joins ‘fighting climate change’ financial initiative

Singapore on Thursday announced plans to thoroughly overhaul its financial services sector by 2025 in an effort to strengthen its position in a "key battleground" for fighting climate change, by mobilizing capital to support sustainable finance and green fintech. The"Industry Transformation Map 2025" plans announced...