The house of Hitler in Austria will be turned into police station


One of the reasons for this decision was mass tourism.

The city authorities of the Austrian city Braunau decided to give nationalized the house in which in 1889 Rodiand I spent the first years of his life Adolf Hitler, under the police station.

One of the reasons for this decision was mass tourism to the birthplace of Hitler from his supporters from around the world. Fans of national socialism repeatedly carried out actions outside the house, which in recent years has repeatedly over the detentions. The police should deter unwanted guests.

The three-storey building of the former hotel, built in the XVII century, after the Second world war, housed a library, a school, and from 1972 through 2011, a workshop and cultural center for people with disabilities. Then the house a few years standing empty because its owner refused to sign a new lease.

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The decision to nationalize the house was taken by the government and confirmed by the Austrian Parliament. It speaks directly to the need to avoid any possibility of the use of the “house of Hitler” in order to promote the ideas of national socialism. The former owner paid, in total, approximately 810 thousand Euro has estimated the value of the home experts.


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