The history of the Crimea — the ugly: that deceased writer Ouspensky talked about the Ukraine


История с Крымом — безобразная: что умерший писатель Успенский говорил об Украине

The evening of 14 August, died famous children’s writer, Creator of children’s favorite cartoon characters and adults Eduard Uspensky. The writer died at home in Moscow after a long and serious illness.

In recent years, the assumption was remembered by criticism of Russian reality. Thus, the writer is extremely sharply reacted to the occupation of Crimea by Russia.

The country (Russia) was divided into 10% smart and 90% of idiots. I think I relate to the ten smart, because this whole story with the Crimea — it’s ugly, “said assumption in 2014 in an interview with TV channel “Rain”.

In the same interview, the writer harshly criticized the Russian TV propaganda and the manipulation of public opinion through television programs.

TV more than a year… showed footage showed, convinced. Even they are unconvinced in the end convinced, and if they husband can’t convince they will convince the wife… TV, this amount of slop that is poured out on Obama and Kiev, unthinkable, every day for 4-5 programs where hammering. TV manipulates. If any show were decent people, as a rule, it is cut, give the word one rabid comrades“, — said the assumption.

According to the writer, literature could help vzaimponimanie. “We need to teach more of Gogol in Russian schools and more of the Dormition in Ukraine“, — said the author. At the same time, the assumption had been recognized: he did not see in Russia people are really interested in reconciliation with Ukraine.

Recall, the assumption was treated for cancer, but to overcome a serious illness, he failed. On 14 August, the daughter of the writer did confirm his death.


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