The health Ministry warned about the propensity of pensioners to drink


В Минздраве предупредили о склонности неработающих пенсионеров к пьянству

Disabled Russian pensioners consume more alcohol than those who continue to work. About it in interview “RIA Novosti” said the chief geriatrician of the Ministry of health Olga Tkacheva.

She said that the Russian gerontological scientific clinical center conducted a study among women 55-64 years men 60-64 years.

“Broken men, alcohol consumption is higher by almost three times and 4.6 times more likely to identify signs of depression,” she said. According to Tkacheva, according to the study, the idle pensioner is below to rate their quality of life, they are twice as likely revealed probable depression. The specialist noted that the work was “the only protective factor reducing the risk of depression by 55%”.

The health Ministry told RBC that the study was talking about Tkachev, has not yet been received in the Ministry. But, the Ministry noted that the government is taking measures to increase the activity of citizens who have reached retirement age.

“The Ministry of health of Russia considers expedient development of the “silver volunteer” involving persons of working age to participate in social activities, and supports initiatives aimed at the involvement of this category of citizens in public activities,” — said in the Ministry.

The chief psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun said RBC that the problem of alcohol abuse among the elderly in Russia “really exists”.

“But probably meant alcohol abuse and alcoholism no. It is very good that geriatric doctors undertook this research because the question of psychoactive drug consumption in the elderly is a serious matter,” said Brun. According to him, elderly people are characterized by depression, feeling of loneliness, uselessness, and they try thus “treated” and consume alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers is “social orphanhood”.

“But a point of reference in General have been the average age around 35-40 years. People are starting to think that the best years have passed, and the feeling of completeness. And there is a programming death, self-destruction, this problem exists all over the world,” said Brun.

In mid-June, the government submitted to the state Duma a bill to raise the retirement age. For the period from 2019 to 2034 it is planned to raise the age of retirement for men to 65 years, and for women to 63. Dmitry Medvedev has explained the position of the authorities of the demographic situation, namely a decrease in the proportion of Russians and the growing number of pensioners.


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