The health Ministry reminded how fast to cure colds and influenza


В Минздраве напомнили, как быстро вылечить простуду и гриппUlyana Suprun told how to be treated.

February has just begun and the risk of a flu epidemic still not exhausted, because in Ukrainian schools during the last week dramatically decreased the number of students who, along with his parents approached the pediatrician with complaints of fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms of colds and viral illnesses.

While the incidence of influenza in Ukraine is low, but as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Ulyana Suprun on his page on Instagram share important information that may help you cure the flu or a cold without harm to your health.

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine wrote: “Sahuaro on DOF Chi Testudo? Not posite to the pharmacy for antibiotics, “imunomodulatoare”, roslinami zasobami, interferonami abodo.

Perche, scho treba to do – should to lcara.

Friend zabezpechiti max comfort in the home – protrait primmest, zabezpiecze volage pribirannya, Pete dostatno VOD.

Likar for consumer Mauger priznati protivirusni preparati (tilki oseltamvir ABO sanamar, INSHI zasobi will ineefective) that preparati for usunennya symptoms (paracetamol Chi buprofen for snejanna visoko temperature, zasobi from neitu Chi ill in gorl).

The rest organsm zrobit your own.”.

Their advice Suprun added a video from the community “I science”, in which the points laid out information about how the human body fights infections and viruses, as well as what to do when he was sick.


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