The head of the OUN reminded Warsaw as they “brought the poles in a sense”


Глава ОУН напомнил Варшаве, как они "приводили поляков в чувство"

First Deputy head of state Committee of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasts Bohdan Chervak, who concurrently is the head of the OUN, appealed to Ukraine with a statement with regards to antibanderovskie policy of Warsaw, which threatens to leave the country behind Europe.

“For this reason you should not make a tragedy. In the past the poles have repeatedly resorted to chauvinism. However, this did not help them. On the contrary, SVR, OUN, the UPA and later led the poles in a sense. Convinced that the fumes of the Polish chauvinism and not spoil our minds. Ukrainians must continue to believe that the main enemy is not Warsaw, and Moscow. And this is indeed the case. At the same time, any concessions on the issues of historical memory, in particular in relation to the OUN, UPA, the division “Galicia” will not,” said Chervak.

Then Chervak, probably the entry with the conclusion removed, she disappeared. Appeared less odious statements where Chervak claims that “Poland needs time to recover. Poland should understand that our patience is not infinite”, but by the time users have already managed to make screenshots of the early records.

Warsaw, meanwhile, the argument of Kyiv that “the main enemy – Moscow” does not hear and does not leave intentions to prohibit the entry into Poland of Ukrainian nationalists, so sensitive Kiev. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what is the consequence for Kiev historical differences with its neighbor, which he attempts to resolve by shifting the responsibility on Russia.

Chervak early also convinced the Ukrainians that they should be proud of Nazi collaborators, such as the division “Galicia”, which fought against Moscow on the side of the Nazis, and the position of the Kiev historical moments will remain uncompromising. Probably at this stage more the Kiev authorities nothing to be proud of.


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