The head of the German foreign Ministry urged the West to step up pressure on Russia over Syria


Глава МИД ФРГ призвал Запад усилить давление на Россию из-за Сирии

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Wt (Heiko Maas) urged the West to increase pressure on Russia over its role in the civil war in Syria. “We need to force Russia to change its attitude to the Syrian conflict,” said Mas on Friday, April 13, after talks in Brussels with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The Minister also noted that the chemical attack in the Syrian Duma, “should not remain without consequences.” The Mac supported the plans of Washington, London and Paris for a joint response to Syria, and praised the proposal of the President of France Emmanuel Makron to prosecute those who used chemical weapons.

Germany supported the allies, but to participate in the strike on Syria will not

The official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert (Steffen Seibert) on Friday also called for more pressure on Russia as a major ally of Syria. Seibert noted that Germany supports the USA, UK and France against the Syrian regime. According to him, each country makes its contribution, however, one goal is to ensure that chemical weapons are not used.

However, earlier, Angela Merkel said that Germany would not participate in a possible military strike on Syria. She also criticized Russia, which the UN security Council failed to adopt a resolution for a joint investigation into the origin of chemicals in Syria.


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