The head of the culture Committee told the Deputy to “monitor the market”


Deputies of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the course of the words “scumbag” and claims to “monitor the market”.

 Глава комитета по культуре велела депутату "следить за базаром"

The Chairman of the Committee on education, culture and sport of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Lyudmila Magomedova became famous throughout the Internet after posting videos of her performances at one of the plenary sessions. On the record clearly audible, as Magomedov recommends that the counterpart to “follow the market” and calls him a bad word.

“Now the Deputy Serebryakov said that they do know what to do… Sometimes I want to say that you say it’s nonsense, but I never allowed. So watch for the market! Already got, honestly, a condom accident!”, — said Magomedov, commenting on the speech of the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Ivan Serebryakov.



People occupying public positions, heading the Committee on culture, being the deputies of the legislative Assembly and from the party in power, so are a disgrace to this government, trying things to let go of in the legislative Assembly during the session, which is broadcast all over the country. This once again shows the level of culture of our Krasnoyarsk region”, — told a local TV channel “TVK Krasnojarsk” Ivan Serebryakov.

In his defense, Lyudmila Magomedov later said that Serebryakov provoked her, “all MPs are just people,” and that she does not see it as “no crime”.

“I apologized to the team, because never in my life such an emotional explosion did not allow and was not conducted on the cheap provocations. I was able to call the marketplace Baba, but I did not do that. And could not find the words, so my mind came the phrase”, — said Magomedov.


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