The head of the CIA believes that the protests in Iran will not stop


Глава ЦРУ считает, что протесты в Иране не прекратятсяProtests in Iran should not be considered complete. This opinion was expressed by CIA Director Michael Pompeo.

“Meanwhile, Iranian regime threatens violence, [one of the leaders of the Corps “revolutionary guards” major General] Qassem Sulemani throws to the wind in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, trying to consolidate God knows who and to transform Iran into the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism,” says Pompeo.

He called the political system of the Islamic Republic of “theocratic regime, facing the past”, and rebuked the existing representatives of the spiritual and secular leadership of the country in repeated suppression of mass protests in the past. “The Iranian people do not want it. I expect that the Iranians will continue to raise a rebellion against the government,” warned the Director of the CIA. “I believe that these protests have not yet completed,” he added.

Pompeo has categorically rejected the statements of Tehran about what the protests stood for the CIA. “Everything is made of the Iranian people, he began and continued, demanding more favorable living conditions and liberation from the theocratic regime,” he says.

Protests in Iran give rise to Donald Trump to speak in support of the people of the Islamic Republic, says Pompeo. “This topic is very, very real. The President [USA] supports the Iranian people and wants him to have the right to vote [in making important decisions],” said Pompeo.

He argues that between the US and its leading allies in Europe, there is disagreement about the protests in Iran.

“I feel that we [the allies] are on an equal footing. I talked with our European colleagues, they together with us and work together to develop countermeasures to malicious actions of Iran. The international community actually consolidated on the subject,” said Pompeo in response to a request to comment on the steps, in particular, France, speaking at the UN Security Council against holding an extraordinary meeting on the issue of the protests in Iran and thus have taken the side of Russia and China.

The Director of the CIA believes that the Congress in principle may still have time to take any steps to question whether the US withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD). “That’s not my jurisdiction, but I believe that Congress is able to cling to some weaknesses in the nuclear deal [with Iran]. For example, to try to achieve a delay of the deadlines to make the agreement a truly effective sanctions. There are numerous ways to improve the deal, but the final decision rests with the President [Donald trump],” said Pompeo.

AGREEMENT was signed in Vienna in summer 2015, its members, besides the U.S. and Iran are Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. The plan provides for the rejection of the Islamic Republic from producing weapons-grade plutonium, the reduction in volume of enriched uranium in exchange for lifting of international sanctions.

After Iran has fulfilled its side of the agreement, which was confirmed by IAEA inspections, (at the time) President Barack Obama January 16, 2016 was removed from the sanctions imposed in connection with attempts to develop nuclear weapons. However, many other limitations, for example, ballistic launches, remained in force. However, trump October 13 last year refused to confirm Iranian compliance with this agreement.

It is expected that the U.S. Congress in January will make a return, expressing its position on the nuclear deal. The trump January 16, should make the decision about the sanctions pressure on Iran. Its predecessor a year ago upheld the sanctions imposed in connection with the missile program, human rights violations and support for terrorists, where Washington regularly accuses Tehran.


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