The head of Catalonia declared the right of the region to independence


The Chairman of the government of Catalonia considered that the decision of the citizens of autonomy gives him the right to announce the release of the region from Spain.

About this he just announced in his address to the Parliament of Catalonia, stressing that the last 7 years have been the worst for Catalonia for the last 40 years.

“I declare the independence of Catalonia in the form of the Republic,” said Carles Pujdeme.

The head of Catalonia called on the Parliament to suspend the process of independence of the Republic to hold a dialogue with Madrid for developing a coherent solution.

“We offer the Parliament to postpone the enactment of the Declaration of independence to come to dialogue and concerted negotiations,” said Pujdeme.

He also announced that important negotiations and consultations in the next week and urged all citizens of Catalonia, Spain, Europe and the whole world to be cautious and reminded about the inadmissibility of violence.



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