The harmful and useful sort of bread


Самый вредный и полезный сорт хлеба

The variety of varieties and types of bread, sometimes, my head is spinning. What is only seen on the shelves in the store: grain, wheat, yeast-free, buckwheat, pita, lavash, tortilla… are they All healthy?

No matter how strong the love of bread, some varieties and types best eaten with caution, advises “КазахЗерно.kz”.

Due to the huge number of bakery products on the shelves in shops there is confusion. Fearing for the figure girls do not solve the dilemma: what to eat and what is not. Not finding the answer to the question, some refuse it altogether, while others are starting to appreciate in appearance or carefully study the label.

What better way to shape a bagel or brioche? Than “more minimalist” look of the bread, the better? As the bread helps to improve your health? What distinguishes rye from wheat, multizernovaya from the French baguette? That mean “whole grain”?

The rating below is not the result of years of research. Just the portal Huffpost asked five experts in nutrition, diet and nutriology to assess the harm to health 18 popular varieties of bread. They put their harm, and then after calculating the scores (the number in parentheses next to each kind of bread) made a rating system from best to worst.

No. 1 – whole wheat bread (3,4)

One of the most ancient varieties of bread – whole wheat bread. In the world consider it almost the most elite of all and the only one that can be eaten without fear to harm the figure, or break the deception of the substances.

Is there a relationship between wholegrain bread and whole bread? Due to the fact that people do not know the exact answer to this question, there is confusion.

Whole grains – these are grains in which the kernel, the bran and endosperm are retained when milling.

Wholegrain bread is bread made with special flour. It is not sifted, as usual, before adding to the dough. Because of this, the batter hit the particles of the wheat of size up to 1.5 mm (for comparison: in the usual test, made from the sifted flour, the particle size is thirty times less). To emphasize the main feature of this bread, called it whole grain.

In General, the experts found whole grain bread beneficial for health. Its main value lies in the fact that during the preparation of the dough using all the particles of grain. Including it in the diet, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Contained in the grain nutrients enter the body and protect the stem cells from regeneration. Fiber bread is a natural prebiotic. The need for trips to the pharmacy for tablets with prebiotics for activating useful intestinal bacteria is missing.

No. 2 – white bread (3,4)

Prior to the twentieth century white bread eaten mostly people who are rich and wealthy and the poor – black or grey. Then everything changed dramatically. Rich people became followers of black bread, poor people white. It happened because of the findings of scientists, made after research.

In fact, experts believe today and white bread are useful. It is prepared from wheat flour and removing the bran and the endosperm. It contains many grains.

You should refrain from white bread, if on the packaging there is a note “enriched”. It is not 100% natural product: when it is cooking is not milled wheat, and the contained nutrients were replaced by synthetic vitamins and minerals.

No. 3 – bread from sprouted grains or Ezekiel (4)

Ezekiel bread is one of the most healthy and affordable bread products. Its peculiarity is that the dough is kneaded with the addition of germinated cereals and legumes. This barley, millet, wheat, lentils, spelt, soybeans. As grains and legumes take in the form of sprouts, is harmful antinutrients do not enter the body and cause indigestion.

Experts find the Ezekiel bread is nutritious and easily digestible. It has no sugar. With the accuracy is to eat it with a high sensitivity to gluten.

No. 4 – yeast bread or sourdough bread (4,2)

This bread with a perfect crust a special flavor and aroma, because since time immemorial, they cooked it in the oven, following the ancient science of bread-baking.

According to the findings of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, yeast bread is one of the most useful, because during fermentation are formed bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri, which stimulate the immune system, reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon, accelerate wound healing on the skin, make the brain produce a hormone called oxytocin.

If you add another grain, it becomes twice as useful to human health. Due to the fermentation process and contained in whole grain beneficial micro and macro elements reduce the pH of the bread, releasing for the body a greater quantity of minerals and vitamins.

Due to lower glycemic index, the blood sugar decreases, which is very valuable for diabetics.

No. 5 – rye bread (5,4)

Rye bread is a bakery product, which is made from rye flour with addition of baking powder as a special starter. Differently call it “black”. Unlike usual bread with a white crumb from the rye it has a dark color. This is due to the special properties of rye flour: it changes its color during heat treatment.

Rye flour is produced from rye. Rye is more cold-resistant than wheat, the grain. Due to its high content of carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients prepare hearty and healthy meals, after eating which feel more energetic. Rye bread is as good as other dishes prepared with it. It normalizes the work of intestines and supplies the damaged cells in the body building material.

No. 6 – multizernovaya bread (6)

The most difficult sort of bread – multizernovaya. Unlike other bakery products the moisture content reaches 19%. It contains three or more types of grain, products of their processing, but not all of the nutrients from the beans. Therefore, in the ranking he is only the sixth place.

If you’re looking for hearty and healthy bread products multizernovaya in the basket is to put one whose packaging, in line with Composition, the first ingredient listed is whole wheat flour. Only in this bread will be a lot of fiber, vitamins (B6, magnesium, iron), but a small amount of fat.

No. 7 – wheat pita (6,8)

This type of bread native to the Mediterranean coast and countries in the Middle East. Pita is a round flat unleavened bread. When cooking using wheat flour.

The wheat pita is a distinctive feature. Baking in the dough formed by water vapor. It accumulates in the bladder in the center of the cake and separates the layers of dough. Subsequently, the bubble turns into a “pocket” that can be opened by scoring the edge with a sharp knife and put the filling (for example, pieces of meat or lettuce).

Overall, Pete is a pretty wholesome bread, but very high in calories. Eggs contain more calories than white bread.

No. 8 corn tortilla (7,8)

Tortillas made of corn flour is traditional in some cuisines of the world delicacy. Love them in Georgia and Mexico.

Today cook corn cakes using different recipes, and is served with meat dishes or just with sauce carne Asada, Carnitas or al Pastor. The sweetness of the corn combined with spicy treats give an unimaginable taste on the tongue.

Tortillas made of corn flour can not boast an abundance of vitamins and minerals in the composition, but they are valuable because they lack gluten. They can eat anyone who suffers from celiac disease or can’t eat gluten because of health problems (diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes). They contain carbohydrates, potassium and virtually no fat.

No. 9 – Pumpernickel (8)

This variety of rye bread became widespread in Germany. In its manufacture the use of rye flour, adding in the dough repromulgate grain.

The pumpernickel has a positive effect on the digestive tract. It helps to get rid of constipation.

In rye flour contains fiber and natural bioactive chemicals. Together they have a positive impact on the microbiome. Due to the substances contained in the result of scattering decreases the amount of harmful intestinal bacteria. This stops the inflammatory process in the intestine.

The pumpernickel is not only recommended for those suffering from constipation. Because of the low glycemic index recommend it for diabetics. It is capable of lowering the level of blood sugar. As it includes lignans, it creates a natural protection against the formation of tumors in the breast and prostate.

No. 10 – wheat bread (9)

Not rarely wheat bread confused with white. It is baked from wheat flour. It is the same as white, only unbleached.

No. 11 – baguette (11)

This bread is originally from France. It is a long and thin bakery product. It is soft inside with a crisp outside. Often on top of powder it with flour. At standard length (65 cm), height (3-4 cm) and width (5-6 cm), weight baguette is just two hundred and fifty grams.

Baguette – this is no ordinary loaf of white bread. It is made more simple, but at the same time, “perishable” ingredients. There is almost no fat, but are protein and sodium.

No. 12 — potato bread (11,2)

Potato bread is a bakery product in which a part of the normal wheat flour is replaced by potato. It is baked using different methods (for example, in a hot pan or in the oven). It can be both-and yeast. Besides, there can be almost any filling.

Depending on the recipe, which is baked potato bread, the ratio of potato and wheat flour varies. In some forms, more potatoes, and in others more flour. There are recipes in which it is baked of mashed potatoes or dehydrated potato flakes.

Choosing potato bread, pay attention to the information on the packaging. It is important to know used in its preparation wheat flour or not. Without it it is difficult to obtain wholesome bread.

From the point of view of the nutrient composition of the potato bread is almost devoid of useful minerals. But this does not mean that we should exclude him from power. You can combine it with other types of bread (for example, made from sprouted grains or whole grain).

No. 13 — ciabatta (12,6)

Ciabatta is an Italian white bread. It is baked from wheat flour and yeast use wheat or sourdough with olive oil. He’s crisp and tasty porous flesh.

Since the late 90-ies of XX century use ciabatta for sandwiches in the US and Europe. Ciabatta in a lot of carbohydrates and almost no fiber. It is more caloric than white.

No. 14 — a brioche (13,6)

Brioche is a sweet bread made with biscuit dough brewer’s yeast and butter. She always has a recognizable shape. After mixing the dough is divided into two parts. One (big) is placed at the bottom of the fluted round bowl, and another (small) put on her.

In a brioche bun contains a small amount of fiber, iron and protein. If you choose bread in appearance, she will certainly like. However, one should not think that because of the small size in a brioche contains few calories. Its caloric value is comparable to the caloric content of ordinary white bread, but it is more soft inside and crispy outside.

No. 15 – Pete white (14,6)

Unlike ordinary pita white pita has almost nothing useful in the composition. While it has more calories than white bread. Eat it at once is a bad idea. To compensate for the absence of nutrients, eat it with foods that are recommended for the Mediterranean diet.

No. 16 – wheat tortilla (15,8)

This tortilla is not prepared from corn, but from wheat flour. It spread in the countries of Central America, USA and Mexico. It has long been baked the Indians, and came up with the name the Spanish conquistadors, which the tortilla resembled the traditional Spanish omelets. In Mexico eat cakes with eggs or with tomato and red pepper.

If a tortilla is nothing but wheat flour, water, butter and salt, it is healthy. But usually it is prepared with the use of modifiers and preservatives to make it longer it was stored. So its health benefits are becoming very, very doubtful.

Yes, it happens, tortilla made of corn flour at the top and wheat at the end. In addition wheat tortilla has a low nutritional value. Due to the presence of gluten it can cause irreparable harm to the health, particularly the intestines.

No. 17 – the toast (17th)

Toast – porous bakery product with a thin crust. As a rule, cut it into slices, Packed in transparent film and sell in such a store.

There are two ways of eating toast bread. The first involves roasting it in the toaster until crisp (hot, serve it for Breakfast or used in cooking snacks for the holiday table), and the second is its use in the preparation of sandwiches or sandwiches.

The dough for this bread is made from water, wheat flour, dry milk, sugar, fat, salt. Flour removes the germ and bran, leaving only the endosperm, which consists mainly of starch. There is yeast or baking powder. The bread turns out very porous due to the presence in the composition of egg, milk protein and gluten.

Often sandwiches made with toast bread and serve the children in the morning, but in vain. It contains little fiber, but the taste of preservatives and stabilizers is not very pleasant. He does not fit into a balanced diet due to the lack of minerals and vitamins in the composition.

No. 18 — bagel (17,6)

Another bakery product is a bagel. It differs from a croissant that is not prepared puff pastry, but similar curved shape. Bagels prepared with different fillings (jam, poppy seeds, cottage cheese). Even a bagel with no filling is to eat with caution. It is very caloric. He is so dense texture that he alone is equivalent to four ordinary slices of bread.


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