The habit of sleeping in socks: harmful or helpful?


Привычка спать в носках: вредно или полезно?

People who used to sleep in socks, I fall asleep much faster. This is due to the fact that the regulation of body temperature is an important part of the sleep cycle.

Sleep is vital for humans. National Institute of health confirms that sleep is necessary for normal functioning of the brain and body. People spend in this state, about a third of the day. However, many occasionally encounter difficulties with falling asleep. There is one trick that can easily solve the problem of insomnia, but about which few people know. All you need to do person to fall asleep faster is to wear socks and sleep in them all night. Some may think that the feet will overheat. But in fact this habit will help you to regulate body temperature.

A study conducted in 2007 showed that adults who went to bed in regular or warm socks, fall asleep much faster. This is because the human body temperature is night decreases, reaching its lowest level around 4am. Warming of feet and hands, you help the blood vessels to expand. In turn, this helps using the skin to generate heat and body temperature decreases. The brain receives signals that it’s time to sleep.

In addition to addressing sleep problems, habit of sleeping in socks helps to reduce the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. In this state the blood flow to the hands and feet decreases. As a result, the fingers start to freeze and go numb, to become white or blue. Wearing socks in bed helps to alleviate the course of the disease, as well as to warm his feet during the day.

Socks while sleeping will be helpful for many women in menopause who are experiencing hot flashes. Women in this state, suddenly felt a surge of heat that spreads throughout the body. They sweat, heart beating faster, his face red. As mentioned above, wearing socks helps to regulate body temperature, thus, the number of tides will be reduced.

Other studies show that couples who sleep in socks are more likely to experience orgasm during sex.

People who don’t like to wear socks, you can try to do a warm foot bath before bedtime or 1-2 hours before you go to bed, take a full bath, walk-in warm Slippers to sleep with a hot water bottle at his feet, cover his feet with a warm blanket.


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