The gunners responded to the decision under the claim of relatives of victims of the crash MN17


Стрелков отреагировал на решение по иску родственников жертв крушения МН17

Former defense Minister Donetsk self-proclaimed people’s Republic Igor Strelkov (Girkin) said, quite calmly reacted to the decision of the American court under the claim of relatives of the passengers of the Malaysian airlines flight MH17, which crashed in 2014.

In an interview to “Rain” he also said that even do not mind to pay the family compensation. “What am I against? (…) If I have the extra half a billion dollars, I don’t mind to pay the family for unknown shot down the Boeing, I will not feel sorry to help people”, — quotes Strelkova channel.
Earlier it became known that the District court for the Northern district of Illinois in the United States made a decision on a class action lawsuit, which was filed 25 relatives of the victims, and decided that Shooters must pay each of them $ 20 million for plaintiffs ‘ Attorney argued that the responsibility for the deaths of passengers and crew lies with the Rifle.

Colossal reminds that in December last year, former major of the Armed forces of Ukraine Yury Baturin told sensational details about how the sky over Eastern Ukraine July 17, 2014 was shot down Malaysian Boeing, carrying out flight MH17. According to Baturina, Boeing was struck by a missile from the territory of Ukraine.
Recall that the Boeing 777 “Malaysian airlines”, EN route flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down on 17 July 2014 in the sky over the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Killed all aboard 298 people — citizens of ten countries. As the causes of the disaster put forward the version about hit by a missile “earth — air” or “air — air”. The Ukrainian authorities and representatives of the militia Donetsk national Republic (DND) blamed each other.


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