The guards and the Musketeers


Гвардейцы и мушкетеры

In Tartus clashes occurred between militants of the “Tiger Force” and the Republican guard. 15 dead and 10 wounded. Killed the commander of the 4 mechanized division CAA major General Milad Ahmed.


Гвардейцы и мушкетеры

Apparently, it’s the same story of the fight between Pro-Russian and Pro-Iranian part of the Assad forces. To control it is almost impossible for Assad’s army, in fact – mingled ragtag bands of different subordination. Guard is exposed to severe pressure and also crumbles to the group.

Assad is a strategic dead end. At least three possible directions to continue the war, Idlib, Deraa and the Kurds. Without war his army will start killing each other, but the fight is not obtained in Deraa is a hard block of the coalition and Israel, which can not be considered the Kremlin, in Idlib – Turkey, the Kurds controlled by the United States and in the case of Assad, the Americans will repeat the massacre under Hisham with the same sad for the upcoming result.

In the end, intensifying the contradictions between the various gangs in the area of Russian-Iranian occupation, as a rule, each of them monitors and collects the tribute from a certain area, and all areas are uneven: some of it is possible to collect a substantial tribute, some very selkoe themselves to eke out an existence. Accordingly, for the “meat” sections of the struggle between the gangs escalates dramatically.


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