The Guardian has linked a cousin of Putin with the operation of money laundering


The Guardian связал двоюродного брата Путина с операцией по отмыванию денег

Western media, including the newspaper Berlingske and The Guardian, have reported multi-billion dollar money laundering scheme involving a member of the Board of Moscow “Preservance” Igor Putin, as well as certain employees of the Federal security service (FSB).

According to the media, which refer to the report of an unknown person, sent to the leadership of the largest Bank in Denmark Danske Bank, in 2013 one customer has submitted false information to companies house in the UK.

The company Lantana Trade LLP, registered in offshore, said the regulator on an inactive status and the absence of financial turnover. At the same time in Danske Bank, this structure has a transaction for millions of euros and made major contributions.

According to the source, the owners of companies were linked with several Russian banks, which closed after “the authorities have found that through these banks held large amounts of money”.

Among them – lost in 2015 the license of the Moscow “Promsberbank”, one of the members of the Board who was a cousin of President Vladimir Putin Igor Putin. Sources of the Western media say that the questionable transactions were also involved in “higher leadership of the Russian security services the FSB.”

According to media reports, shareholders “Preservance” were connected to FSB Alexander Grigoriev and Alexey Kulikov, who was arrested in 2016 and charged with “large scale fraud”. Both are now in prison.

The overall scale of fraud is not yet known. But speech can go about the sum of $ 2.2 billion to 3.3 billion. According to The Guardian, the day allegedly laundered up to $ 10 million. Earlier Bloomberg, citing Central Bank wrote that “Promsberbank” was involved in a large money laundering scheme.

The Bank provided a “pumping” of funds through “mirror trades” of stocks bought on the Russian market in rubles and sold for hard currency abroad. Agency sources familiar with the matter, asserted that the beneficiaries of this scheme were people around Putin, including Rotenberg.


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