The Ground will fall the Soviet space station


На Землю упадет советская космическая станция Spacecraft “Venera-9” was in space for almost 50 years.

Scientist Paul Shubin, dealing among other things the history of cosmonautics, said in an interview that the mysterious Soviet station “Venera-9” in the next few years will fall to the Ground.

As you know, in the USSR on March 27, 1972, was running the station “Venera-8”, which, as planned, reached the second planet from the Sun and completed the landing. But few people know that on March 31 the same year after it was launched even a single station-twin “Venus-9”. But the reason for the failure she went down the engine, and the apparatus with the upper stage “stuck” in Earth orbit.

So he hangs there still, and under the name “Kosmos-482”, as the Soviet Union, not to admit failure, immediately announced the launch of the orbiting satellite with the same name.

According to Paul Shubin, a mythical “Venera-9” falls to the Ground in the coming years, between approximately 52 degrees North and South latitude. This curious apparatus, according to the scientist, from many points of view: scientific, archaeological, historical and so on.

For example, it will be interesting to see what impact such a long space flight on the materials from which made the lander, not to mention many other aspects.


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