The Governor of the Moscow region escaped from welcome to the incinerator residents


Губернатор Подмосковья сбежал от пожаловавшихся на мусоросжигательный завод жителей

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov arrived in Voskresensk, to give doctors the keys to new apartments. At the hospital the head of the region met activists who wanted to charge nearby waste incineration plant.

However, the Governor did not speak with people. Surrounded by unhappy people, he continued walking to the car. In the video, hear the sparrows on the perturbed replicas of activists says: “Well, the head will go and again listen. We will definitely talk.”

Then the Governor sits in the car and leaves. Residents spent Vorobyov, shouting: “Shame!” “Resign!”, “It puts a candidate in elections, a disgrace!”

In the video, the activists met Andrei Vorobyov the building of the city of the resurrection hospital, where Moscow region Governor hands over keys to the doctor. Doctors lined up to wait for the Governor for several hours. The Governor broke through the activists, promising to talk later. Regarding the danger of MSZ managed to say: “not True.” In the end sparrows jumped in the car and the cries of “shame” retired.


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