The government will raise the salaries of security forces on the first of October


Правительство повысит оклады силовиков с первого октября

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on increasing the salaries of servicemen and employees of law enforcement agencies 4.3% in October. Relevant document published on the government website.

The changes will affect:

soldiers serving on contract or call;

persons serving in the army national guard and having special ranks of police;

employees of bodies of internal Affairs, institutions and bodies criminally-Executive system, the Federal fire service of state fire service, customs bodies;

persons of commanding structure of Federal courier communication.


Adds that funds for this purpose were provided for in the Federal budget in 2019 and the planning period of 2020 and 2021-th.


In addition, in accordance with article 49 of the law of February 12, 1993 №4468-1 will be revised pensions of citizens discharged from service.


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