The gourmet cheese


Сыр для гурманов

Guess why European cheese is very much appreciated by connoisseurs ? It turns out that Swiss and Italian cheese-makers are so fond of their work, which cheeses they make only high quality. Moreover, they categorically refuse to use palm oil.

Many cheesemakers of Switzerland love their products that a day rattle the huge block of cheese with silver hammers. I don’t know what songs they sing, but their cheese is not only a thin sound, but taste, which is especially appreciated by European connoisseurs.

Moreover, the Swiss cheesemakers a day, gently stroking the huge rounds of cheese in storage. This leads to the fact that the special gastronomy mold that appears on cheese is evenly spread across the surface and also penetrates evenly ripening of cheese.

In fairness it should be noted that a special mold for the production of these cheeses is typically administered in the cheese with an industrial syringe. And then the mold diverges cheese from his punctures.

Cheese is primarily intended for foodies. However, to consume a large amount of cheese gastroenterologists advise.

The fact that the noble mould of these cheeses is the closest relative of the medicine “Penicillin”. So to eat at one time more than 50 grams of cheese is not worth it. But if a cheese you really like, and in this case it is better not to use it more than 150 grams per day.

However, do not worry. Cheese is not one man alive. Some fruits, dried fruits, nuts and crackers are the perfect complement to blue cheese, such as Italian Gorgonzola.

But, if funds allow, instead of cheese you can buy solid Swiss cheese and Italian Parmesan cheese.

By the way, if you will drink this cheese is red wine, for example, Bordeaux supérieur French or Italian Chianti Classico (Chianti it is marked by a genuine excise stamp, which depicts the silhouette of a black rooster in a red circle), then you will always have a good mood.

Now you know the big secret: if every day you eat Swiss cheese and wash it down with Italian wine or every day to eat Italian cheese and wash it down with French wine, then you must every day be in a good mood. Try it – you’ll like it !

(Bon appetit)

Sergey Paliy.


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