The glory of “DeAngelo” told about an important event in your personal life


The singer first took my son to the kindergarten and showed it new pictures.

Just yesterday Thank Kaminska acted in Chernigov, and today was the first time she took her son Leonard in the garden. On his page in Instagram the soloist “DeAngelo” shared a couple of fresh photos depicting her eldest child.

Under one of the new images from the Glory left a touching message: “it is So important not to miss such moments! When there is becoming, so it is important to be around! children love you just for the fact that you’re there and just because you’re a MOM. Someday they will grow up and they were my own family. And how to let go, if the garden is already a problem? Leonard like. We arrived with a nurse and Leon. I left and waiting for the next, so as not to embarrass him and not to distract. It is the most valuable moments…”.

Subscribers of Fame Kaminskaya instantly reacted to her news about an important event in your personal life – a campaign of Leonard in kindergarten, and began to give advice to a young mother, as well as writing comments with their own stories, filled with bitter and positive experiences on the first trips of children in kindergarten.


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