The glaciers of Antarctica can hide a secret power plant


Ледники Антарктиды могут скрывать секретную силовую установку The structure resembles hadron Collider.

As it became known, under the age-old ice hidden mysterious structures — the real pyramid. According to some estimates, most often in Antarctica at the time, came the Germans, who eventually managed to make a breakthrough in the technology (to create a jet airplane, the first computer, microwave, etc.), according to the portal Beforeits News.

We should also consider the German microwave. Some suggest that it is a byproduct of a phenomenon, which is observed in Antarctica. Thus, under the pyramids, most likely, you’ll install, which is the strongest source of radiation. Waves travel throughout the earth and cause earthquakes.

The application Strava for the GPS tool to track the movement of users and populates their database. Many users decided to look at Antarctica and, as it turned out, the pyramids went the military: the letter “C” specifies the schema of a military facility. It is shaped like the LHC at CERN, however, the sizes do not match.

Thus, a number of questions arise: who created the installation, who controls it and why it actually works, if it brings misery? Yet to say anything difficult.


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