The girl ate the garbage 8 months to take a vacation


Девушка питалась на помойке 8 месяцев, чтобы уехать отдыхать

Amanda Holden, a 32-year-old financier from Portland, we were eating the leftovers for colleagues and were looking for food in dumpsters. For 8 months she has accumulated for the whole year of travels in South America. Previously, Amanda went to work as an ordinary clerk, and spent on lunch a lot of money, but once she decided on such a desperate act. Soon a woman called Trash, but that didn’t stop her. Colleagues have repeatedly seen how she eats out of the trash. Before the experiment Amanda spent a lot of money on partying, but at 27 I realized that she has no savings and she definitely needs to change jobs: career in Finance didn’t make her happy. The purpose of savings was to collect for the 6 months to 20 thousand dollars.

“I worked in an office with many people, so the excess food was almost always. I openly spoke about his idea to colleagues, and many have supported me. I had finished what was left of the staff. If someone ate half of the pizza, I told you not to throw away the remains and give them to me. However, there were times when I didn’t find any leftovers and I had to still buy food. But it was the exception.”

Amanda admits that never was a big fan of shopping, at least for her and it was difficult to do without cosmetics. The next source of savings has been a shift from spending on entertainment, although this too was Amanda, she always considered myself a very sociable person. Beauty salons and a gym were also vicennati of expenditure. Also a significant savings get no coffee from coffee shops. In the end, for 8 months Amanda was able to save 30 thousand dollars (more than 1 million 700 thousand rubles).

Девушка питалась на помойке 8 месяцев, чтобы уехать отдыхать

Девушка питалась на помойке 8 месяцев, чтобы уехать отдыхать

Девушка питалась на помойке 8 месяцев, чтобы уехать отдыхать

When the woman wrote the application about dismissal at own will, her boss looked at her and asked, is it because it’s called Garbage can, she eats out of the trash?

“The boss said saw with my own eyes as I pulled out of the trash half-eaten burrito. However, then we just laughed about it”.

After the dismissal of Amanda flew to Mexico, then spent a year traveling in Latin America on the money saved. At the moment she has a blog and teaches how to live frugally, but stay happy. Her goal is to make people more frugal.

The way to budget travel found. But is it worth the journey, even if it is a year-long, life almost homeless for so long? I would the girl on the adequacy checked.


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