The Germans have identified the brand of most reliable cars in the world


Немцы определили марку самых надежных автомобилей в миреThe experts were able to identify brands that meet all modern security standards.

The most reliable brands amasin the Germans believe Korean brands. This is evidenced by a study in Germany conducted by research company JD Power, specializing in the study of consumer markets.

If you look at the TOP 20 most reliable car brands represented in Germany, you’ll see the first two places in the “top” took “the Koreans”.

First place went to Kia, which experts have counted 99 problems per 100 vehicles. In second place is Hyundai with a figure of 105 problems per 100 vehicles.

In the study were vehicles under three years old. Experts J. D. Power took into account the number of problems encountered by car owners of different brands. Problems were assigned, of failure, and dissatisfaction of the owners of the design or functionality of the car.

Third place in reliability rating went to Toyota, which counted 109 problems for every 100 cars.


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