The Germans figured out how to purify the air around the car


Немцы придумали, как очистить воздух вокруг автомобиляTest Volkswagen Passat is equipped with three innovative filters.

Company of the German Ludwigsburg MANN+HUMMEL the beginning of the field test experimental filtration systems for cars. Experts believe that this will help to reduce dust pollution of the cities.

Test Volkswagen Passat, which the company introduced to the streets of Stuttgart, equipped with three innovative filters: fine filter dust particles, unique cabin filter and brake discs.

The fine filter dust particles, mounted on the roof of the car, separates the solid particles from the ambient air. Computer simulation showed that it can be almost completely get rid of harmful substances arising from the combustion of fuel. Now this needs to be tested in practice.

Cabin filter with activated charcoal purifies the air from nitrogen oxide and other harmful gases. It uses a special protective coating and the nanofibers, which protect against ammonia, particulates and pollen.

Filter for the brake disc installed next to the caliper. It removes dust particles that arise in frequent braking. It can be used on any vehicle regardless of the type of brake system.

Volvo began to install in XC90 climate system with a new cabin air filter, which removes 70 percent more pollutants than traditional filters. In “Tesla” came the cabin HEPA filter, which is 300 times more effective protection against the penetration of bacteria 500 times better filters allergens and 700 and 800 times more efficient to cope with the smog and viruses, respectively.


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