The Germans built the tallest wind power station in the world


Немцы возвели самую высокую ветряную электростанцию в миреThe unit is placed in Heudorf and reaches an impressive height in 246,6 metres from base to blade tip turbines

In the town of Heudorf erected several huge wind turbines can supply electricity to 1,000 homes.

Germany, more than any other country, promotes wind power as the energy source of the future. This country ranks third in the world after USA and China in total electricity generation from wind, and this limit increases each year. Recently, the German engineers decided to break a world record and build the largest wind turbine on the planet.

The unit is placed in Heudorf and reaches an impressive height in 246,6 metres from base to blade tip turbine. The other three turbines, that are also part of this installation are also incredibly high: the lowest height is about 152 metres.

Windmill height is the main parameter. The higher the turbine is situated, the higher the wind speed and the more stable it blows, which leads to an increase of the energy produced and to the smaller number of periodic sinks of power. According to calculations, the capacity of the four new turbines will be enough to provide electricity to 1,000 homes.

And if you enough that these turbines are just the highest on Earth, they have another interesting feature — the new technology of energy storage. Rather, technology itself is old, but the Germans greatly ennobled it. In each of the wind turbines supplied a water tank integrated in the base, and the generation of excess energy, water is pumped from the reservoir into the vault.

As soon as the power drops, the water flows back and rotate an additional turbine, thus increasing the production of electricity. So the engineers decide one of the biggest challenges related to renewable energy sources is their irregularity and the dependence of the power from the climatic features.


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