The Germans are planning to release an electric car on solar batteries


Немцы планируют выпустить электромобиль на солнечных батареяхIn Germany start production of unusual electric cars for 16 000 euros.

The German company Sono intends soon to start production of its electric car Sion solar, which develops in 2015.

Yes, feature Sion Sono is that it has solar panels – 330 panels placed on the roof, hood, doors and rear panel. But besides this, his Arsenal is still lithium-ion-battery. When all power sources are charged, the mileage per charge is 250 km Car connectors support Type 2, CCS, conventional 220V network and can act as a power generator, e.g., for home devices.

The engine power of the new German electric vehicle has 108 HP at 250 Nm. These figures enough to ensure that a 5-seater car with dimensions 4110 x 1790 x 1680 mm were accelerated to hundred approximately for 9 with and develop 250 km/h top speed.

Another feature of Sono Sion is a real moss that is “embedded” in the front panel. It serves as a natural air filter and humidity controller. Near the plant flaunts digital instrument panel and complex media.

Buy an electric car Sono Sion will be for 16 thousand euros. However, this is without a battery for AKB will have to pay another 4 thousand euros or take it out. The car will be available next year.


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