The German police stopped the convoy with military equipment USA


Полиция Германии остановила колонну с военной техникой США The firm and the drivers fined.

On one of the highways of Saxony German police stopped and subjected to the test of a convoy of trucks, which transported the howitzer order from the U.S. army.

Reportedly, the incident occurred on the A4 motorway at a roadside rest area Oberlausitz region-Nord.

According to police, the Polish company, which commissioned the US army were transported to Germany six self-propelled howitzers M109, no documents and permits required for transportation of similar cargo. Besides, he greatly exceeds the weight.

In addition, the convoy followed without the provided in such cases, support vehicles, and some of the drivers were overly tired from lack of rest.

In this regard, the transport company and the drivers were fined.


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