The German police started a massive operation against the rioters in the G20


Полиция Германии начала массовую операцию против участников беспорядков в G20Currently being searched, detained yet.

The action takes place in the framework of the investigation of the so-called “Black bloc” – the group uniting various anarchist and leftist groups.

The demonstrations not only in Hamburg but also in other Federal States – Lower Saxony, North Rhine – Westphalia, Baden-württemberg, Berlin. The police confiscated mobile phones, computers and other storage media. Arrests have not yet been.

Created by the police in Hamburg, a special unit investigating the activities of the “Black block”, consists of 180 people, they’re investigating more than 300 cases, the defendants who are accused of massive violations of public order. For several months, the investigators studied the footage, testimonies and other evidence.

The G20 summit in Hamburg on 7-8 July 2017, was accompanied by unprecedented riots. In the course of their suffered several hundred protesters and police officers.


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