The German Parliament failed to vote on Nord Stream-2


The Bundestag could not pass a law regulating the application of the amendments to the gas Directive of the EU in the country.

The German Bundestag could not vote for the bill, which will soften the Gas Directive of the EU on gas pipeline Nord stream-2. All were given to 133 votes when needed for the adoption of 355 votes.

A new meeting will be held on the morning of 8 November. Thus, whether at this meeting considered the issue of amendments is unknown.

A bill to mitigate the amendments to the gas Directive of the European Union prepared by the ruling coalition. The document envisages the possibility of exceptions to the requirements of the third energy package for pipelines from countries outside the EU.

In particular, it is proposed to derive from the Directive actions of the pipelines built before may 23, 2019, or the first point of connection to the network of member countries of the EU in Germany.

15 April, member countries of the European Union approved amendments to the Gas Directive, which will extend the power of Brussels in the sphere of control of the marine highways. Now gas pipelines from third countries in EU territorial waters, must comply with the rules, which are still applied only to ground the tube.

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The amendments require that the operator of the Nord stream-2 was independent from Gazprom company, and 50% of gas pipeline capacity has been reserved for pumping gas from independent suppliers.


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