The generation of the red vipers


Порождения красной ехидныThe approaching centenary of the death of the Russian Empire finally took off the mask with the red apologists of the idea, showing that fans of the ideological atheists are not initially able to be reconciled to God and the historical Russia.

The AUTHOR-Alexey Toporov

Порождения красной ехидны

The Communists earned points and popularity as I could including among those whom they disparagingly called believers after decades of active struggle against the faithful, admitting that Yes, there may be the little flock of Christ. And because numerical is not that it is small, it is necessary “to hill” and the electorate, even in spite of the precepts of the unforgettable grandfather, who Burr that “every religious idea, every God, every flirtation with neverthelessa God is an abomination… the Most dangerous abomination, the most vile infection”.

They were gently lay

Порождения красной ехидны

The leader of the followers of the old ideas of Gene SIC, on the contrary, even allowed himself in old age to be baptized. The old man was respected, having built him a private plunge pool right in the personal estate of the proletarian, to every mob… sorry, working people from the sacraments are not distracted.

It got to the point that, believing that red, izzhiv and reinterpreting their own the rebellion, became exclusively the party of the fighters for social rights of citizens in it who just entered. For example, in Orsk MP from the Communist party even placed a shield “Forgive us, your Majesty”… but then suffered obstruction comrades in the party and, it turns out, ideology, but the case came out revealing.

And, indeed, many Orthodox people who do not agree with the rigidity of the ruling party, was the Communist party, suggesting that enters into certain party advocates traditional values and patriotism. What to do if a modern managed politics has not provided the conservative part of Russia’s population the right to vote in Parliament, and all attempts at least to register his own party has consistently broken the cast-iron rebuttal of the CEC.

However, in 2017 and the upcoming centenary of the red redistribution clearly showed who is who, and forced the adherents of class struggle to throw off the mask of loyalty to the Orthodox faith of the Russian people. However, ten years ago in response to the initiative of the Orthodox public figures to establish in the capital the monument to Emperor Nicholas II the same home baptized in the font Zyuganov burst into an angry tirade, generously using the stamps of Soviet propagandists.

“This is a private initiative of a group of citizens and clergymen, and not the official position of the Russian Orthodox Church, – said the Secretary General of the Communist party to the Agency Interfax with a hint it seems that the Patriarch harmonizes the spiritual “agenda” with him personally and at the same time with the principles of dialectical materialism. – The reign of Nicholas II was the most destructive for the country: a bloody ice Palace, killing hundreds of people, the Lena massacre, the tragic events of 1905, Stolypin’s gallows – all of it was under Nicholas II. He dragged the country into the First world war for the sake of interest, is completely alien to Russia.”

Well, the leader of the Communist party once again showed that the Communists rather peculiar understanding Russia’s interests, which for them can be, when necessary, accord with the interests of the German General staff or of the American financier Jacob Schiff, but is not directed to the salvation of the fraternal Serbian people and the return of desecrated Constantinople in the Orthodox oikoumene.

Selected will not give up, a new build will not allow

And the closer the bloody October, the less flirting with the Church, the more good-looking through disguise quite a respectable parliamentary politics with a flag on his lapel emerges Commissar disguise in the blood-splattered leather jacket and with a Smoking revolver in his hand. And now the Church Institute, which is suffering and which on occasion even cooperate, again turning into the main enemy.

In 2013 the Moscow city Duma deputies from the Communist party Vladimir Rodin and Andrei Klychkov has launched a violent activity against the construction of new churches in the capital, particularly in Kuzminki. To get their way, atheists do not shun outright lies, claiming that the Church is the whole Park, although it was given only 10% of its territory, and that one where there were no trees, but was an abandoned wasteland. Obsessed elected officials have reached the point that tried to disrupt the consecration of Easter cakes, calling the police over unsanctioned rally… it is in the spirit of their Bolshevist-the Komsomol ancestors, arranged provocations on Orthodox holidays and down to service in the temples.

Since then, the war against the construction of temples has become a hallmark of Russian Communists and leftists of all stripes – from officially recognized the Communist party to the irreconcilable “Communists of Russia” and various marginal groups and movements. All this gang of brothers together with them joined the liberals, neopagans, Satanists and just schizophrenic a few years ago focused around the construction of the Patriarchal monastery in the name of Kazan icon of mother of God in the Park “TORRANCE”. Posing as local residents, a motley company deliberately prevents the construction of the temple.

By the way, earlier on the same Torfyanka lit another notable representative of the Communist party, Chairman of the Moscow party Committee, Valery Rashkin. It is clear on whose side. And not to notice the fellow, unfortunately, is simply impossible, because it just breeds scandals around him: his guards thrown out, moms with kids in the Playground because of meetings with voters, that he himself, suddenly forgetting who was behind him izobretatelskoj party, complain about the dominance of Jews rediscov in the state Duma, accused idesta Putin in connection with idestam Khodorkovsky.

Say, earlier Rashkin even donated to the temples, but now when the whole anti-Orthodox clique in Russia has ceased to lurk and rushed into the fight openly, the need to imitate the piety disappeared by itself.

Speak for themselves

Порождения красной ехидны

The Mayor Of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot.

“From my point of view, in the history of Russia there are some interesting names of the leaders of the country, remarkable individuals, including monarchs, Nicholas II, however, I do not consider, – said the Communist mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot. – I Stalin as the leader and closer in historical terms, and in ideological.”

And that set literally fight sculptural composition in this red headed by the mayor of the city, in fact, founded by the Holy Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich, a sculptural composition depicting the king and crown Prince Alexei, chopping with an axe infected with the Bacillus of class struggle was inadequate. A current artist sculpts her foot sculptural khinkali.

“Members of the Komsomol against the construction of a chapel on the square Novosobornaya. We believe that she does not belong there! – this is chanting, the leader of the Tomsk red youth, sportswoman, Komsomolka Valeria Zaikova, who just happened to know of the USSR solely on the good Soviet films where the sun is in the sky screen if came, only not to argue with the light coming from the leaders of the party. – In our city there are very few youth facilities, they are almost there. But we have student city! The youth asks you not to turn a place of rest in a place of worship!”

Indeed, but it is better to carry all these “places of worship” time in the glorious Soviet times. You see, and all the youth problems will be solved by themselves. Because, as you know, in the Soviet Union was not the death penalty, in twelve years, no homeboys, divided asphalt all major cities.

“We respect the feelings of believers, but I can not agree with the dangerous tendency at the disposal of the Church an increasing number of architectural monuments, museums, real estate, – the Chairman of the “Communists of Russia” Maxim Urakin. – St. Isaac Cathedral – the largest Museum of Russia and one of the largest museums in Leningrad/St. Petersburg. Why it needs to be owned by the Russian Orthodox Church? This decision of the St. Petersburg authorities – a challenge to public opinion! In the Cathedral, and now there is the possibility of holding Church services. To do this, set aside some time, and that is enough”.

Indeed, we took your Shrine, made in its walls the Museum, but the time under the prayer we gave you what you still flutter? Say thank you, that is not shoot. Yet. You, above all, vote for us, and then we’ll decide what to do with you.

Elena Drapeko:”I believe that Russia is engaged in political PR, and does it very badly. Now she organizes “standing” in Europe. Can you imagine what a scandal? She is an enthusiastic girl, legs, hands like fuckin ‘ … that itself is such a small, nothing — to pray, there are churches that movie got to do with it?”

Elena Drapeko, the former actress and now a powerful Queen in her political career, tried various shades of the left spectrum – from red to pink, the Communist party “Fair Russia”, in his “proletarian directness”, apparently not knowing that the public discussion of the physical characteristics of the opponent’s evidence of lack of arguments in favor of their own point of view.

Sapienti sat. To comment on all of the above disgusting, and not worth it. All on the surface. And the Lord quite accurately said about this breed of people:

“Brood of vipers! How can you speak good things, being evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Remember the words of the Supreme reproof, when such comrades, now often wearing a crucifix, and sometimes even coming to Church, will try to convince you in his zeal for the Fatherland and the happiness of the people and, of course, to ask you to give them your vote.

Порождения красной ехидны


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