The game Dead Space for PC offer to free


Игру Dead Space для PC предлагают получить бесплатноThe project features an unusual Arsenal, fun activities, dark corridors and creepy atmosphere of an abandoned space ship.

The first Dead Space came out in that short period of time when it seemed that Electronic Arts is able to take risks and to rely on new and relatively niche projects. As we remember, in the end, Dead Space was never turned into a massive franchise and ignominiously died with Dead Space 3. But there was worse than this the first part?

Thanks to a generous gesture by Electronic Arts, the answer to this philosophical question, maybe anyone. The first Dead Space is available for free in the framework of the program “a gift from the Origin”. Open this page, log in to your Origin account and enjoy the freebies. The only catch is EA, it seems, had already given the Dead Space via “a gift from the Origin”.

Judging by the marks on the site, you will get Dead Space with the whole set of languages, including Russian and English. In addition, the first part was not the add-ons and microtransactions of any kind, so EA gives brand the full version.

When will the action, is unknown. But if you really want to continue, you can subscribe to the service Origin Access — it has all three main parts of Dead Space.


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