The frightened maniacs retro


Испуганные маньяки ретро

At present our country’s failures. Future – no. So back, back, back. Flipping through a dusty catalogue of “pride” for the Soviet Union, to seek what else out there can be proud of.

The channel “Culture” feeds the audience a retro sovetkina. Old Soviet movie. Meetings in the “Ostankino” in the early 80s. the Funeral of Brezhnev. On some key on New year’s twist or “Song-76”, or “Song 77”.
Show completely…

On vacation for the cinema is the movie “moving up”. It seems to be about the victory of the Soviet basketball team at the Olympics in 1972. 45 years ago. How true. That’s all I need for inspiration.

You show us what we have today.

Remove the film, as the youth national team of Russia on hockey just with a whistle flew from the world Cup, losing in the quarterfinals of the United States. To the “maple leaf” is not even reached.

Make a movie about how stolen doping medals at the Olympics in Sochi and, in the end, Russia pulled at the collar with the winter Olympics in Korea.

Show us our satellites and space rockets, plowing the depths of the Atlantic and the Pacific. Don’t need Pro 61.

Tell us about the present, not the past long. Failures of the current government and personally Vladimir Putin. Show a movie of his disastrous role. Pour him ice track for the presidential elections – let it roll. What? Scary?

But, in the end, not forcibly necessary. There is a desire to live with his head stuck in the swamp of Soviet times? Health. Everyone decides what to do.

But I think nothing good is citizens of our country will not. They will have to pay for refusing to change his life, for failing to learn from the modern world, for trying to stay in the brains perished a quarter-century ago the state. And their children to the same lug.


Lives in many of our citizens fear of the modern world. Before that you have to change your life. Not going anywhere. But you do not want. So afraid of everything. Europe. Gay. Demonstrations. Same-sex marriage. Of globalization. Freedom. Women’s equality. Migrants. Americans. And so on.

In the modern world has its own agenda, and here, in Russia, life in the maelstrom of spinning under the boring Soviet melodies. Even with the reviews that, say, the nonsense in America are busy – what a question, if someone out there forced to have sex at work! Think! Secretary love to hit that! Me too – a world problem!

And this is not surprising.

The authorities, of course, its oppression – pushes vile sovetchinu in all shapes and forms as alleged, a worthy past for the living. He has his own interest – it’s easier for him to get rich. Under the tramp of feet, “the immortal regiment”.

But many of our good citizens – they wants, they have to hide in the Soviet shell from the problems of the modern world.

But the payback for this will come. The sea around is dry. The old shell will not protect from the scorching rays. Crawl out still have. And crawling across the cracked earth, swallowing the dust from the feet of those in the East and in the West have escaped far forward.


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