The forgotten order


Забытый приказ

Or Why Russia has still not held a de-Stalinization

30 July 1937 the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Nikolai Yezhov signed operational order No. 00447 “On the operation of repression of former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements”. On 5 August the order came into force. He opened the massive round of Stalin’s terror, what is popularly called the “thirty-seventh”. 80 years later the bloody date I remember only a few survivors repressed, their relatives, rights defenders and opposition politicians. The Russian government does not marks the anniversary of the order, ended the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Over the state still hangs the shadow of Stalin, it is still not forgot the size of the Stalinist French.

2 July 1937 the Politburo of the CPSU (b) adopted a resolution “On anti-Soviet elements”. The Directive is prepared and signed by Stalin and Molotov, ordered that “all secretaries of regional and territorial organizations and all provincial, territorial and national representatives of the NKVD to take account of all returned kulaks and criminals to the most hostile of them were immediately arrested and was shot in the course of administrative conduct their Affairs through three”.

Secretaries of party organizations was part of the “Troika” along with the heads of the departments of the NKVD and oblprokuratury. In the order they are listed individually. The party slipped in the blood initially.

The theses of Stalin, the class struggle had to intensify as the coming of communism, which required a ruthless fight against the enemies.

The struggle for power in Russia became under Stalin in a bloody war with the people.

Litigation as a public institution was virtually destroyed. The sentences “triples” imposed in absentia, without the accused, without the participation of the representatives of the defence and the prosecution and was not subject to appeal.

According to the first edition of the order for four months in the territorial distribution list was ordered to be sentenced to death 75 950 people, to conclude the camp — 193 000 people.

The executioners on the ground encouraged by the order, began the “counter-plans” and “initiatives”, the validity of the order, repeatedly extended, to the regions “additional limits” on executions.

Often it was done by Stalin personally. 21 Oct 1937 at 17:20 Secretary of the Kirov regional Committee of the CPSU (b) Michael Rodin sends a coded message to Stalin, where it reports that “uncovered more than 70 active kulak, the white guard, the Church and sectarian organizations, groups. In particular, the significant contamination on railway transport, which will be subject to seizure of more than 500 people white guard, the kulak element”, in connection with which Rodin refers to Stalin with a request “to increase the limit for the first category further 300 people, the second category — an additional 1 000 people”. The first category is the execution. The second category is the camp.

Encryption have entered the CC at 19:50.

October 22 at 10:00 a.m. on the coded message you receive the visa of Stalin in red pencil: “Increase in the first category not for 300 and for 500 people in the second category — for 800 people”. Following the signature of Stalin — Molotov’s signature, in blue pencil.

With the stroke of a pencil the number under sentence of death increased by 200 people.

Rodin himself was arrested on 11 may 1938, accused of participating in a counterrevolutionary terrorist organization. 28 July, 1938 the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme court sentenced him to death, the sentence was executed the same day.

Only in 1937-1938 was savagely condemned by no less than 818 thousand people, “the limit on executions” was exceeded 356 thousand people.

For the first time in the history of mankind, the public authorities adopted a plan of mass destruction of people is not the results of specific criminal cases and categories, membership of which itself became a death sentence.

The repression left the country without hundreds of thousands of scientists, engineers, military leaders, workers, managers, peasants, priests, workers of art and culture, the intelligentsia in the broad sense.

Plan for mass killings brought to life the killers — a whole generation of butchers, a whole generation flayers, some of which were executed in the night a few hundred people.

Execution sites were classified.

More cannibalistic era in our country was not.

Its victims eventually became millions, and that’s without the fallen in the war that could survive if not for the deadly crimes and errors of Stalin.

Moloch mass repression rolled across the country after 1937, nearly twenty years.

25 February 1956, the last day of the twentieth Congress of the CPSU, in a special closed meeting in the morning of the first Secretary of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev delivered a report “On the personality cult and its consequences”. Khrushchev’s speech was the most powerful in strength and political consequences of the report of the head of the Communist party for all time of its existence.

Khrushchev made political feat, he began the process of de-Stalinization not only States, but also the people maimed by Stalin. He opened the prison, saved the lives of the prisoners, and began the rehabilitation process is affecting millions of people, cleared the political map from the name of Stalin, removed the monuments of Tirana, has entered a part of historical truth in textbooks, opened a window of freedom in fiction, and the literary works of the time of publication was overtaken, and the force of the impact sometimes outnumbered disclose documents cannibalistic era.

De-Stalinization in the USSR could not complete fully. Primarily because of the consistent debunking of the historical role of Stalin logically could not lead to the assessment of the role of Lenin in Russian history. But Lenin was the founder of the Bolshevik state terror. He was an ideologue, not only the armed revolution and civil war, the number of victims of which many times exceeded the number of victims of the revolution.

The role of Lenin in the establishment of a cannibalistic political system of militant Bolshevism was in the shadow of millions of victims of Stalin, his death in 1924 helped make him an icon of Bolshevism, and most whistleblowers Stalin was not even thinking about the fact that the mustachioed butcher only consistent fanatic disciple of Lenin, who embodied in his life bloody dreams and plans.

In 1991 Boris Yeltsin and the first Russian democratic government was a historic chance not only to complete de-Stalinization, but also to conduct deleninisation Russia. Essentially, without this action, democracy could not be built. Without this it was impossible to cut a stone age political traditions and to create a human.

But the personal belonging to the party elite, lack of understanding of the viability of the virus of Bolshevism/Leninism/Stalinism, rude and inhumane carried out socio-economic reforms has not allowed the Yeltsin government to do the main thing that it could and should do — to destroy Bolshevism as the ruling political movement in our country and establish a democratic state.

Therefore, not place of repentance, redemption, restitution, rehabilitation, lustration was not a process of debolshevization, without which it is impossible to build democracy in Russia just as it was impossible to build a democracy in Germany without de-Nazification after the Second world war.

This is of paramount importance, the political problem is not solved until now.

The German people were able to bury political corpse of Hitler.

Stalin in Russia still is not a political corpse.

In Russia, with the silent consent of the authorities there is a creeping rehabilitation of Stalin.

The lack of a coherent political assessments, the refusal to open archives, a ban on the publication of names of torturers — all this creates the space for the reincarnation of the state killers, erased the value of human life in Russia in the camp dust.

Забытый приказ

The request of the Secretary of the Kirov regional Committee M. Rodina to increase the limit: 300 people in the first category (shot) and 1000 for the second (camp period), red pencil — note Stalin: “Increase in the first category not for 300 and for 500 people in the second category — for 800 people”. October 21-22, 1937.

Stalin, as an armored train is on the siding of the Russian authorities, that the train is ready for deadly work. Return the monuments and busts, plaques and images of movies.

The Russian government does not want the anniversary of the order № 00447 reminded the society of its real author of Stalin and his political godfather of Lenin. Therefore, the state with stony silence met that fateful turn.

If you could clean up this cannibalistic order of the memory of society — the modern Russian state would do it immediately without hesitation. But, thanks to Khrushchev and Yeltsin, much of the truth had to come out into the light.

Order No. 00447 — this is a personal reminder to all who are willing to fight for that mass repression was terrible, but eternally dead part of the Russian state archives.

The archives of Bolshevik repression — the best vaccine against the virus of cannibalism. Never to.


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