The foreigner killed her boyfriend, who decided to leave her


Иностранка убила своего парня, решившего ее броситьRevenge was truly cruel.

The couple dated for five years, but in December, they unexpectedly broke up. For 19-year-old student it was a big blow.

Nair Galarza stole the gun of his father and shot twice in the chest with her beloved Fernando.

After that she posted in Instagram a photo of Fernando, where he kissed her shoulder, and wrote: “Five years together. Fight, leave and come back, but still love each other. I love you forever, my angel.”

The murder occurred in 230 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Nair confessed to the crime after evidence pointed to her father. The girl told that she shot and killed Fernando, and then put the gun dad back in the holster and went to bed. After the surrender, the NAIRU was sent to a psychiatric hospital for examination, which showed that it did not have any abnormalities.

We also found out that a few days before the murder of Naira had attacked Fernando in a nightclub.

Иностранка убила своего парня, решившего ее бросить


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