The foreign Ministry accused the US of trying to raise for Russia the “price conflict” in the Donbass


МИД обвинил США в попытках поднять для России "цену конфликта" в Донбассе

Russia has cause for concern and disappointment with the planned delivery of weapons to Ukraine from the United States and Canada. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Grigory Karasin in interview to “RIA Novosti”.

“We speak frankly to the American partners about our concerns about the planned overseas deliveries to Ukraine lethal weapons,” – said Karasin. In addition, the disappointment was the issuing by the authorities of the States licensed one of its arms manufacturers to supply Kiev large-caliber sniper rifles. “That’s the way the Washington “hawks” are trying as they believe, to raise for Russia the “price of the conflict in the Donbass,” – said Karasin. He added that it was “a flawed and dangerous logic”.

When Canada and the United States make similar decisions about the supply of weapons, re-kindle the internal conflict and go back in it, said Karasin. About the consequences, few people think, he adds. However, he also expressed concern that the weapons may be resold by Ukraine to the middle East, including terrorists.

The further fate of the breakaway DNI and LC should be determined by the people of these republics, said Karasin. According to him, out of the crisis is impossible without a constructive dialogue between Kiev, DND and LNR. However, this avoided the Kiev authorities, he said.

Earlier, Karasin said that deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine could undermine the work on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Another Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that such a decision of the United States is pushing Ukraine “to new bloodshed.”

In November the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukraine expects the supply of weapons from the United States. Kyiv expects to receive not only the missile systems Javelin and drones, counter-battery system and the means for cyberwarfare.

In December, Russia withdrew Russian observers from Donbass. Further work of the Russian military in the JCCC (Joint centre for control and coordination) has become impossible, said in a statement the Russian foreign Ministry.


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