The Five Most Common Machines Hired by Contractors


Different industries deal with varying demands regarding heavy equipment. From agriculture, home construction, to plumbing services, they all have to deal with having an agreement with a contractor to perform their business operations.

Acquiring plant hire in Preston or elsewhere close to your site can save you a lot on the bill that you will have to pay. Though the resulting invoice will vary depending on the workload that you have to do with the equipment you’ll rent, the price of the equipment should be at a relatively fixed rate which makes it crucial for contractors to understand what the essential machines are to rent during an excavation.

Here are five heavy duty machines that are considered as the most common machinery needed by contractors when performing their tasks.

  1. Bulldozers. One of the most familiar items on this list, it’s relatively visible on most if not all excavation sites. With its primary purpose of moving large amounts of soil, earth, and gravel, it can be pretty useful for levelling the ground and pushing and spreading sand. Alternate designs of bulldozers include a claw shovel that allows it to perform digging and loosening in the field.
  2. Hydraulic excavators. Excavators are primarily for digging up the earth with a digging arm with a 360-degree rotation making it a versatile machine. The machine, equipped with an undercarriage attached to a set of tractor wheels, can rotate in place making for easy control with its long arm and shovel, fit for digging tunnels or drilling trenches in mountain areas.
  3. Cranes. If you’ve ever come across a skyscraper in progress, then chances are you’ve seen a crane in action. It works through the use of a pulley with ropes and chains attached for loading and unloading heavy objects from the ground to higher floors of the building and vice-versa. Cranes vary in arm length depending on the size of the site, reaching as much as 800 metres. Fixed cranes are stationary and can only turn in its place, while mobile cranes can carry objects with them over a short distance.
  4. Concrete mixer. Concrete mixers are the backbone of any construction site as they’re used for mixing cement and water, and to make a continually rotating mix that won’t harden while on-site. The compound can be used for different purposes from road repair to installing cement pavement. The mixing drum is often attached to a large truck that allows it to be in motion even while in transport.
  5. Dump trucks. Of course with all the digging that you do, you’d also need a machine that can help you clear away the waste. Dump trucks come in rigid and articulated frames which are seen in the form of a semi-dump truck to a super dump truck. Having a set of circulating dump trucks that can alternate in receiving waste and dumping waste can save you on your construction time and in demobilising your equipment after you finish up your project.



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