The first went. The UK authorities began to arrest the property tycoons


Первый пошел. Власти Великобритании начали арестовывать имущество олигархов

In the UK frozen the assets of an unnamed oligarch, presumably from Russia, amounting to 22 million Pounds

The authority granted to the recently adopted law on criminal finances that was used to freeze a multimillion-dollar ownership of an unnamed oligarch, presumably of Russian origin, announced on Tuesday the British Minister of security. Reports The Telegraph.

Answering the question about what makes his government to fight with rich Russians, using the UK as a safe haven for dishonest money Ben Wallace has said that all doubtful assets are a priority target for law enforcement.

Первый пошел. Власти Великобритании начали арестовывать имущество олигарховWithin two weeks after the entry into force of the law on criminal Finance 31 January government has frozen the assets of the “overseas oligarch”, including “22 million Pounds,” said Wallace on Tuesday in the air of popular UK TV program “Today.”

In accordance with the new Law oligarch was awarded “order of unacknowledged wealth”. And if the person cannot explain the source of this wealth, its British assets can be seized by the state.

Mr. Wallace has not confirmed whether the oligarch, a Russian citizen, saying that to publish such details – it is the Supreme court.

Answering the question of whether the public expect that the government increasingly will be to use his powers against Russian oligarchs and other “people with enormous wealth acquired by dishonest means”, Mr. Wallace said, “It will happen and is already happening”.

Recall that according to the accepted January 31, the law on criminal finances, the children of corrupt officials from Russia and other countries can be expelled from the prestigious British educational institutions, and the money that their parents made for the education of their offspring confiscated.


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