The first symptoms of meningitis that cannot be ignored


Первые симптомы менингита, которые нельзя игнорироватьThe doctors called the characteristic signs of meningitis, which should force the patient to immediately seek medical help.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes of the brain, caused by viruses, pathogenic microorganisms or fungi. More other meningitis affects people with weakened immune systems, most often children and the elderly, but ill can in any other age.

Symptoms of meningitis

The risk of meningitis is that its the first signs can be easily confused with diseases such as the flu or a banal SARS. Man thus risking his own life, starting to self-medicate without seeing nothing wrong with the symptoms that he had.

Launched meningitis is a hard curable disease and often it leads to death. In the capital of Ukraine annually kills about seven people, including children, from meningitis. All these cases are related to the fact that patients too late turned to doctors for help.

What symptoms may indicate meningitis:

– lack of energy that appeared spontaneously;

– high body temperature of 38 degrees and above.

– aches throughout the body and fatigue;

– rapid pulse;

– shortness of breath;

– severe headache that does not go away even after taking strong painkillers;

– vomiting, as a consequence of an unbearable headache;

– rash all over the body;

– pain in back and limbs;

– convulsions;

– increased sensitivity to light;

– disorder of the gastrointestinal tract;

– inflammation of the lungs.

As we see, the symptoms of meningitis is quite varied and the person unrelated to medicine, it will be difficult to make a correct diagnosis. In any event, doctors recommended to immediately call an ambulance at the appearance of the characteristic symptoms of meningitis, especially if the list above has several characteristics.

Meningitis, unlike other diseases, is growing rapidly and the chances of survival for the patient is therefore reduced with each passing hour. It should be noted that meningitis often leads not only to death and to disability, but timely medical aid person can fully recover in a few days.

We will remind, earlier Chronicle.Info was reported that meningitis often acts as a complications of the flu, so it’s important to treat this disease under the supervision of a professional doctor.


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