The first lady of the United States for immediate surgery


Первую леди США срочно прооперировали Melania trump has had surgery to remove lesions.

May 14, experts of the National military medical center Walter reed in Maryland had operated the 48-year-old Melania trump, wife of US President Donald trump.

Doctors removed benign neoplasm of kidney trump.

“The procedure was successful, no complications were,” reads the statement by the Director of public relations of the first lady’s office, Stephanie Grisham.

According to Grisham, Melania trump will remain in the hospital until the end of the week.

Donald trump during the operation remained in the White house. Grisham said that soon he will visit his wife in hospital.

The TV channel reminds that this is the first case since 1987, when the first lady had undergone surgery. 31 years ago Nancy Reagan spent a mastectomy.


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