The first details about the flagship smartphone c


The Network has flowed details about the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7 – the flagship of Chinese traditional brand, to be submitted in the first quarter of the coming year. This is logical, because the current 6 Mi giant tiny part of a 5.15-inch screen is already obsolete, although it came out only six months ago.

The new screen is the first thing that will get Xiaomi Mi 7, and we are waiting for OLED panel without frames and with a resolution of Quad HD or Full HD with a diagonal of 6.1 inches. The application is quite good, especially since the production of the displays will be entrusted to the Korean Samsung, so the quality is certainly higher in comparison with screens Google Pixel 2 XL for the authorship of LG. Also the Xiaomi Mi 7 expected 6 GB of RAM along with hard drive 128 GB and regular battery will have the capacity 3350 mAh battery and fast charging.

The back case of the smartphone will be equipped with dual camera 16+16 MP, and the frontalka may make a cut in the screen in the style of Essential Phone. Of course, the basis of the device will be smartphone Qualcomm 845, announcement of which is expected in December of this year. After the release of the new Xiaomi Mi 7 will cost about 25000-28000 rubles in the minimum configuration.


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