The first Bank robber on an island in the Arctic ocean was a Russian


Первый грабитель банка на острове посреди Ледовитого океана оказался россиянином

Foreigner robbed a Bank in the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen on the Svalbard archipelago, was a citizen of Russia. This is stated on sitegenerator archipelago.

The report notes that the suspect — 29-year-old Russian, who came to Svalbard as a tourist. When you Rob a branch of the Bank Sparebank 1 he used a rifle, which legally rented in the city. The man stole 70 thousand Norwegian kroner (about 550 thousand rubles — approx””).

The Russian was detained for a period of four weeks. He also is charged with violation of the arms act. As noted by The Guardian, a Bank robbery was the first case in the history of Spitsbergen.

On 21 December it was reported that a foreigner came into the Bank and threatening with a firearm and demanded money. He managed to escape with the loot, but was soon arrested by the police.

Longyearbyen is on the island of Spitsbergen at a distance of 1050 kilometers from the North pole. There live about two thousand people, most of them know each other.


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