The first 17 minutes of the zombie action game State of Decay 2


Первые 17 минут зомби-экшена State of Decay 2Overall State of Decay 2 looks like an unremarkable zombie”virovac”.

Before the release of State of Decay 2 is only a week left, and journalists have already started to show the game live and share their impressions. The staff of IGN, of course, did not stay aside and rolled as much as the 17-minute gameplay demonstration.

Overall State of Decay 2 looks like an unremarkable zombie”virovac” — in the video the heroes explore the area, collect valuable resources, and bad turn with ghouls. However, something in the video makes surprised to raise an eyebrow: catches the eye, so to speak, simple animation, and in the ears — false scoring in the worst traditions of low-budget quests. And this is one of many exclusives Microsoft?..

To find out whether the hiding State of Decay 2 some advantages because of its unsightly shell, we can may 22, when the game gets to PC and Xbox One.


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